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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Cancels Yet More Engagements, Still Suffering From Gastroenteritis

Buckingham Palace has said that The Queen has had to cancel two more engagements due to her continued recovery from gastroenteritis.

This comes just days after The Queen was supposed to be fully recovered and includes another repeated assurance from Buckingham Palace that The Queen is on the mend and that there is nothing too serious to it.

The Queen will continue to perform engagements inside the Palace, attending a Privy Council meeting and an audience with the Prime Minister.

Her Majesty will not be happy at having to cancel so many engagements; she hates to cancel and this will just add to her frustration as she continues to recover from extended gastroenteritis.

Buckingham Palace insist she “continues to make a good recovery”.

The official British Monarchy Twitter account tweeted, “HM continues to make a good recovery following her recent illness, though engagements including @TechCityUK visits have been cancelled”

The official statement from the Palace said:

The Queen continues to make a good recovery following her recent illness, and today she presented The Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry and held a series of Audiences.

However, regrettably, she will no longer attend the Tech City engagement planned for tomorrow, or the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scriptures Association Service at the Guards Chapel on Thursday.

The Duke of York will represent The Queen at the Tech City visit, and The Duke of Edinburgh will attend the Guards Chapel Service as planned.

Her Majesty will, however, continue with the usual rhythm of business at Buckingham Palace, including holding a Privy Council meeting tomorrow.

The Queen hopes to resume her programme of official engagements next week.

Her Majesty has never notably taken this long off with illness before. Many are worrying that it is more serious than is made out; Buckingham Palace insist that it is nothing out of the ordinary and that The Queen continues to recover from the illness well, opting out of these engagements is seen as merely giving The Queen time to relax and increase her recovery rate

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