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The Queen

Buckingham Palace’s ‘displeasure​’ over David Cameron’s remarks about The Queen

Number 10 via Flickr CC

Buckingham Palace feels ‘an amount of displeasure’ following remarks made by former Prime Minister David Cameron concerning The Queen.

Speaking to the BBC, a palace source said that Mr Cameron’s remarks about The Queen and Scottish independence led to an ‘amount of displeasure’.

Mr Cameron, who was Prime Minister for six years, said that he had asked Her Majesty whether she could “raise an eyebrow” in support of the union during the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence.

After the Prime Minister made the request to the monarch, she did indeed urge Scots to “think very carefully about the future.”

She made the apparent ‘off the cuff’ remarks to a well-wisher at Balmoral. Naturally Her Majesty’s words made national headlines.

Mr Cameron said the Queen’s words were “very limited but helped to put a slightly different perception on things”.

Buckingham Palace is not commenting on Mr Cameron’s remarks, however, a sense of displeasure can only be expected.

Counsel between the Prime Minister and the monarch is held on a confidential basis. It is expected that Her Majesty’s serving & former Prime Ministers are discrete to their private conversations.