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The Queen to address the nation in a televised speech on Sunday

Picture by Buckingham Palace

The Queen will address the nation on the coronavirus pandemic this Sunday at 8pm.

Her Majesty has recorded a televised broadcast to the citizens of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth about COVID-19 which is engulfing the planet.

The Queen’s speech will be broadcast at 8pm Sunday on the BBC, ITV, Sky and many other TV and radio stations.

The address, entitled ‘a special broadcast to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth’, was recorded at Windsor Castle earlier this week.

With the exception of her annual Christmas broadcasts, the upcoming coronavirus speech will be the first time the monarch has addressed the nation since the death of The Queen Mother in 2002.

It is hoped that the 93-year-old monarch’s words will unite people together as a nationwide lockdown in the UK extends into a third week.

Many other European monarchs have already delivered speeches on national broadcasters.

Over 6.7 million people watched King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands deliver his speech regarding the crisis.

The King thanked those working in the Dutch healthcare system, as well as the millions of others working to keep the economy going.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark also thanked those working around the clock to help those impacted by COVID-19.

The Danish Queen delivered her speech a couple of weeks ago, describing the current situation as serious, but added it was a burden shared with people across the world.