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The Kents

Concerns raised after Prince and Princess Michael are ambushed outside restaurant

Concerns have been raised after Prince and Princess Michael of Kent were ambushed outside a Mayfair restaurant.

The Queen’s cousin and his wife were leaving a restaurant after a night out when they were approached by beggars asking the couple for spare money.

According to the Daily Mail, the 75-year-old Prince handed one woman a £10 note. However, this then triggered an assemble of other people asking for cash.

Speaking to the Mail, an eyewitness said: “The Prince was very nice but when he gave one of them £10 the others were all over him like bees. They were all saying ‘Please, please, please.'”

The couple eventually managed to get away from the restaurant after staff cleared the beggars away for Princess Michael to drive back home to Kensington Palace.

Prince and Princess Michael are currently undergoing a traumatic period after their daughter-in-law, Sophie Winkleman, was admitted to hospital over two weeks ago.

Sophie, who is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, was seriously injured in a car accident and is suspected to have broken her back and foot.

Four ambulance crews and an air ambulance were dispatched to the scene where Ms Winkleman was treated and was admitted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

She was later transferred to London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

The accident happened two weeks ago, and members of her family including Prince Michael have visited her in hospital.

Ms Winkleman married Lord Frederick Windsor in 2009, and they have two daughters, one-year-old Isabella and four-year-old Maud, who is a classmate of Prince George.