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Queen Camilla

The Regalia to be used by Queen Camilla during the Coronation

Ahead of the 6 May coronation, it’s been revealed which regalia will be used by Queen Camilla during the service at Westminster Abbey.

First, we will see The Queen Consort’s Ring which is a ruby in a gold setting made for the Coronation of King William IV and Queen Adelaide in 1831. The ring has been used by three other Queen Consorts including Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Mirroring the Sovereign’s Spectre with Dove, The Queen will use the Rod with Dove as a symbol of equity and mercy. The dove, which has folded wings, represents the Holy Ghost, the third person of The Trinity.

Queen Camilla’s sceptre with Cross was originally made for the Coronation of Maria of Modena, Queen Consort of James II in 1685 by Robert Vyner. The sceptre has rock crystals inlaid throughout.

As announced previously, Queen Camilla has chosen Queen Mary’s Crown for the service. This marks the first time in modern times an existing crown will be used for the Coronation of a Consort. Ahead of the service, minor changes will be made to the crown including adding Cullinan III, IV, and V diamonds. These diamonds were a part of Queen Elizabeth II’s personal jewellery collection for many years. Inspired by Queen Alexandra’s Crown of 1902, like her crown, Queen Mary’s crown can be worn without arches in the form of a circlet. That is how Queen Mary wore the crown for the Coronation of her son, King George VI in 1937.

The Coronation takes place on May 6 2023 at Westminster Abbey.

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