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The Cambridges

Princess Charlotte to start nursery

An announcement was made by Kensington Palace today that Prince William is leaving his job as a helicopter pilot for the East Anglia Air Ambulance to become a full-time working royal.

The change means that the Cambridge family will be spending more time in London opposed to their Anmer Hall home in Norfolk. Along with the Duke of Cambridge taking on more responsibilities, the Duchess of Cambridge will also be upping her official causes.

A Kensington Palace spokesperson said: “Their Royal Highnesses are keen to continue to increase their official work on behalf of The Queen and for the charities and causes they support, which will require greater time spent in London.

“Prince George will begin school in London in September and Princess Charlotte will also go to nursery and eventually school in London as well.”

Since January 2016, Prince George has been attending Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk. Royal Central recently reported that is expected that the prince will go to Wetherby pre-preparatory school in Notting Hill, the same school Princes William and Harry went to as children. Although, a new location of the school walking distance from Kensington Palace is a high possibility due to the fact that “a few of the pupils at that school in Notting Hill are the children of celebrities, so it has always attracted quite a lot of paparazzi. Although the children cannot be photographed, there is still a market for pictures of famous parents on the school run” a source told the Sunday Express. 

Kensington Palace would not comment on which schools are being considered for Princess Charlotte or when she will start, but a guess in the Autumn would make the most sense as Prince William finishes his contract this summer.

“Their Royal Highnesses love their time in Norfolk and it will continue to be their home,” the statement said, but “from this autumn, however, the Duke and Duchess will increasingly base their family at Kensington Palace.” In 2014, Apartment 1A (formerly the home of Princess Margaret) underwent a $6.5 million renovation as a London base for the Cambridge family.

Stay tuned to Royal Central for more information about the move and new school as we receive it.