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Prince George shows what a kind little boy he is at the Royal Wedding

He was given the very important role of pageboy at the wedding of the century and now it has been revealed how Prince George comforted an upset bridesmaid just minutes before they entered Windsor Castle.

The touching story of how the soon-to-be 5-year-old showed maturity beyond his years, came to light after being discussed on a Royal-themed podcast ‘Oh heir’.

Hosts and royal experts, Emily Andrews and Omid Scobie, revealed how young bridesmaid Zalie Warren had a little melt-down just before the ceremony began.

The two-year-old, who is Prince Harry’s goddaughter is reported to have started crying as the children waited for Meghan to arrive.

However she was in safe hands as Prince George took it upon himself to comfort Zalie and ensure she was alright before their big moment.

As reported in the Express, Emily Andrews said “Nanny, Maria Borrallo kind of looked after her, and George apparently was trying to comfort her as well, which is very sweet.”

And it would seem that whatever George and his nanny, who was on hand to help during the day, said to calm the young bridesmaid down worked a trick.

The tears stopped just in time for the pageboys and bridesmaids to follow Meghan in to St George’s Chapel.

As well as Prince George being a little star, it would seem his younger sister, Princess Charlotte, was also on her best behaviour at he wedding.

She is reported to have carried out her bridesmaid duties perfectly and have helped to organise the other children.

Reported in the Express, one wedding guest described the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s daughter as “really sweet” and “organised” after she overheard Princess Charlotte helping out wedding organisers.

Speaking to People, the guest said “Princess Charlotte was really sweet.

“There was one girl who wanted to go and she said, ‘No – you can’t go yet –  we have to wait until we are asked’.”

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge must be so proud of their young children setting the perfect example on such an important day.

And you can catch the Royal family, including the children, when they make an appearance on Buckingham Palace balcony for a ceremony taking place on June 9th.