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The Cambridges

Duchess of Cambridge steals the show at Baftas

On Sunday evening, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a date night out attending the Baftas, of which the Duke is President.

The Duchess stole the show, which was originally what some organisers feared. Walking the red carpet with Prince William looking dapper in a tux, the Duchess wore a black and floral, off-the-shoulder Alexander McQueen gown with her hair beautifully tied up.

As lovely as the dress was, her earrings may have been what caused all the commotion. Kate donned chandelier-style earrings that could be seen a mile away. Kensington Palace did note that they were not borrowed from The Queen, but any more information as to if they were Kate’s or taken from another collection remain to be a mystery.

Upon arrival, the royal couple shared a private joke as the cameras went crazy, looking relaxed and comfortable in the spotlight.

Earlier it was revealed that some executives were wary about the Duchess joining Prince William, who is Bafta’s president, in fear that she would outshine the movie stars.

A source said to the Sun at the time: “William was unimpressed at any suggestion Kate wouldn’t be welcome to join him – he put his foot down and made it clear he wasn’t prepared to come without her.

“Two senior figures at Bafta raised concerns in planning meetings that having Kate at the event could detract from proceedings on stage.

“But Bafta were mortified that their discussions had got back to the palace and couldn’t do enough to try and accommodate them both.

“They were falling over themselves to welcome her by the end of it.”

As the guests of honour, Prince William presented a BAFTA Fellowship award to the 90-year-old comedy genius, Mel Brooks who showed that he hasn’t lost his sense of humour in his waning years.

“I want to apologise to the Duke and Duchess and Prince Philip for the American Revolution. We were young…” Brooks joked during his acceptance speech.