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The Cambridges

A royal love in pictures: William and Kate's most magical moments

<![CDATA[To celebrate Valentine's Day, we have put together a selection of stunning pictures from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's royal romance.
From the very beginning of the long-awaited engagement, to their spectacular wedding ceremony and to the birth of Prince George, we have captured the couple's magical moments.

The engagement is announced at Buckingham Palace in November 2010.


William and Kate’s magical day takes place on April 29 2011.

Royal Wedding - The Wedding Ceremony Takes Place Inside Westminster Abbey

Thousands line the streets as the Royal Procession passes by.

The Royal Wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In July 2011, the future King and Queen embarked on their first tour as a couple to Canada.


During the week-long tour of Canada, thousands gather to catch a glimpse of the couple.


In June 2012, William and Kate come to honour The Queen at the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service.


With just weeks to go before the birth of their first child, the future parents visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, in April 2013.

Harry potter

On July 23, 2013, a day after the birth of Prince George, the new family leave the Lindo Wing.


Just weeks after his arrival, the proud parents release the first official family portrait of Prince George.

Birth of Prince George of CambridgeZemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

In October 2013, the Royal Family came together to celebrate Prince George’s christening.

Duchess of Cambrige at Prince George C

Happy Valentine’s Day Your Royal Highnesses! 
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