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The Cambridges

A look at today’s royal baby newspaper front pages

It’s Sunday the 3rd of May, the day after the birth of the new royal Princess, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s youngest child, and Prince George’s younger sister. When the couple made their appearance on the steps on the Lindo Wing yesterday evening, it didn’t take a genius to work out what the Sunday newspapers would feature on their front pages.

Below we take a look at the spectacular, and not so spectacular newspaper front pages which you can buy today, and take a look at the wide variety of different headlines and puns on show.

The Daily Star On Sunday & Sunday Express

Today’s best front page is probably The Daily Star, something I never thought I’d say! The newspaper has gone from red-top to pink-top to mark the special occasion with the headline ‘Oh Baby It’s A Girl’. This ‘Royal Princess Souvenir Edition comes with a free collectors poster and dedicated the first six pages to royal baby coverage.

‘Bless Her!’ is the two worded headline that the Sunday Express leads with. The main image is a spread of the Princess wearing a white bonnet in her car seat. The Express have 23 pages worth of coverage dedicated to the birth. The only thing that ruins this front page is the advert which advertises a free ice cream. It’s good if you like ice cream, but not if you want to frame this cover.

The Sun on Sunday & The Sunday Mirror


As far as puns go, ‘Sleeping Cutie’ would be a good one. If only both The Sun on Sunday and Sunday Mirror didn’t both use it! But it’s not just the headline these two tabloids share: they also have the exact same image of the Princess, and the same secondary image! In fact, these two newspapers are almost identical.

The Sun dedicates 8 pages of coverage to the baby in addition to a souvenir pullout, and the Mirror gives the Princess four pages.

The Sunday Telegraph & The Sunday Times

















Away from the tabloids and onto the broadsheets. The Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times have an impressive full page image of the 1 day old Princess being held in Kate’s arms. Both of these newspapers are souvenir editions with picture pullouts. However, in a similar sense to The Sun and Mirror, The Telegraph and Times are very similar and on a newsstand for sale, they will be difficult to tell apart.

The Sunday People & The Mail on Sunday



Unlike the other newspapers today, both The Sunday People and The Mail on Sunday feature an image of the Duchess of Cambridge as well as her new born child. In the image, Her Royal Highness is wearing a Jenny Packham dress, and is smiling and waving to the crowds of people as the Princess sleeps oblivious to it all.

The Mail on Sunday dedicates the most pages to the royal birth out of all of today’s papers with 33 pages of news, pictures and royal baby facts, which includes a 20-page pullout.

The Observer & The Independent on Sunday















Finally, it wouldn’t be a royal paper review without taking a glance at the republican papers and how little coverage they give the royal baby. Surprisingly, the Observer features the fourth-in-line to the throne’s birth as it’s secondary story. As a very left-wing paper, the Observer usually avoids reporting on the royal family. Interestingly, the Observer is the only newspaper today what features Prince William on its front page.

Not so surprisingly, the Independent doesn’t feature the royal birth on its front page, nor does it feature it on it’s 2nd page, or even it’s 10th page! It isn’t until you get to page 29 you will see any news on the new Princess. So if you want to read about the new baby and look at lots of pictures, the Independent is not for you!

So that is all of today’s Sunday newspapers! There are some impressive front covers for this occasion, including The Daily Star and The Times. Has this review helped make your mind up over which newspaper to buy? Do let us know in the comments section below.