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Princess Anne and Family

Mike Tindall reveals that Princess Anne’s 70th birthday celebrations in Balmoral have been thwarted

Princess Anne Birthday Banner
Image ©Licensed to i-Images Picture Agency

The Princess Royal’s birthday celebrations in Balmoral have had to be scaled down due to a local lockdown in the area.

Speaking to BBC’s The One Show, Mike Tindall said that due to the ongoing public health emergency, celebrations have had to be scaled down.

Mike, who is married to Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara, did say, however, that they will do something as a family to mark Princess Anne’s 70th birthday.

Presenter Alex Jones asked: “Your mother in law Princess Anne is 70 very shortly. Have you got a barbecue planned?”

Mike replied: “We did have plans, it would have been up in Scotland. But Aberdeen being locked down, everything has been scaled back a little bit.

“It is a shame. I’m sure we will do something as a family to celebrate her 70 amazing years.

“She’s just an incredible woman in terms of how much work she can get through in the year.

“We will be doing something. I don’t know if she knows so my lips are sealed.”

A local lockdown has been imposed in Aberdeen, close to the Balmoral Estate, meaning tighter restrictions are in force.

As a result, activities which can take place in the area are limited meaning HRH’s birthday celebrations will have to be altered.