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Queen Marie of Romania: first taste of new royal movie

She was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria who gained a country’s love but ultimately saw its crown exiled. Marie of Romania is among the most intriguing royals of the early 20th century, and now a dramatic part of her life story is being brought to the big screen in a film that’s being teased in a brand new trailer.

‘Queen Marie of Romania’ focuses on the royal’s attendance at the Paris Peace Conference which was held in 1919 in the aftermath of World War One. Marie spent weeks in England and France negotiating on behalf of her country, attempting to get full recognition for the altered make up of Romania following the Great War. The movie examines her personal role in the negotiations as well as the opposition she faced at home and abroad as her royal family faced struggles in a changing world.

The consort who changed her country’s destiny was born Marie of Edinburgh at Eastwell Manor in Kent, the second child and first daughter of Alfred, second son of Queen Victoria. Marie became Queen of Romania just as the Great War was beginning to take over Europe. Her husband succeeded as King on October 11th 1914 on the death of his father, King Carol, and within months Marie started to put pressure on Ferdinand to take his country into war. Romania finally joined forces with Britain, France and the other Allies in 1916 and Marie threw herself into support work, visiting hospitals frequently. At the end of the war, Romania was invited to join the Paris Peace Conference, but its first delegation left after disputes. Marie was then asked to take part and agreed, surprising many with her forthright approach and determination. It worked. Within months, there was an agreement to the expansion of Romania while Marie also secured much-needed aid for her country which had been badly hit by the War.

Marie is brought to life in this new film by Romanian actress, Roxana Lupu, who has previously played Elizabeth II in a TV drama called ‘Inside Windsor Castle’. She stars opposite Daniel Plier who takes on the part of Marie’s husband, King Ferdinand. The movie has been made by Abis Studios and it’s due for release in Romania in May 2019.

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