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British newspapers celebrate baby with front page specials

The British newspapers all lead on one story

The British newspapers all lead on one story

With the birth of the royal baby, there is only one story the press will feature on their frontpage nationally and internationally. It was a tense moment for the print press last night not knowing whether the baby would be born in time for the newspapers to go to print. The newspapers were delighted last night when it was announced that The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth as it meant they had the story to go on the front pages creating souvenir issues.

The Sun would have been disappointed if the baby was a girl, otherwise they would have had to scrap their headline ‘The Son’ which is a slight alteration of the masthead, a dream pun for The Sun.

The Daily Mirror leads with the headline ‘Our little Prince’ with one of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement photos. Interestingly, they do not lead with the headline ‘It’s a boy” probably as in March the headline was “It’s a girl” due to the Duchess apparently nearly slipping up.

The Son Our little Prince

The Daily Star, Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express all lead with the headline “It’s a boy” and a huge picture of the Duchess of Cambridge covers the whole front page as well as a statement of the weight of the baby.

Star Telegraph Express

The Daily Mail does not feature a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge but the Prince of Wales – a new Grandfather. The Prince of Wales, when asked if he knew anything about the royal baby at 6pm, told the media “you probably know more than I do” which we now know is probably untrue as the birth was two hours before. The Guardian leads with the headline “A birth, a boy, a prince, a king” with a picture of the Queen’s press secretary Alisa Anderson and footman Badar Azim posting the birth announcement on the easel outside Buckingham Palace.
Guardian Daily Mail
The Independent is the only British newspaper that does not have a headline about the royal baby, however, pages 2 & 3 cover the story. In contrast, the ‘i’ leads with the headline “Born to rule” with the main image being the easel announcing the birth. The Scotsman has 6 pages of royal baby news again using the picture of the easel in front of Buckingham Palace and a bright blue sky.
Independant 'i' Scotsman
Finally for the national papers, The Times makes the most of a wrap cover with the Duchess of Cambridge on the front and the Duke of Cambridge on the back. It quotes The Duke on the back “We couldn’t be happier”.