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Meet the new Duke of Westminster

It has been announced that the Duke of Westminster, Major-General Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, died on Tuesday at the age of 64.

A question that many people have been asking is who will succeed the title of Duke of Westminster following His Grace’s untimely passing?

The answer is 25-year-old Hugh Grosvenor, The Duke’s third child and only son, who becomes the 7th Duke of Westminster.

Hugh Grosvenor may be familiar to some royal followers as he is the youngest godparent to Prince George, after being chosen for the role by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Similarly his mother, the Duchess of Westminster was godmother to Prince William after his Christening.

Hugh Grosvenor, who won’t hold the title of Duke until after the funeral, now inherits much of his father’s fortune and estate which is valued at £9.35 billion (c$13 billion) – which made him the third richest man in Britain until his death.

Some of the land the young Duke now inherits includes 100 acres of Mayfair and 200 acres of Belgravia.

Unusually for children of hereditary peers, Hugh attended a state primary school, as were his three sisters. When they got older, they moved to a small private school near their family home of Eaton Hall. This is thought to be because his parents were so protective of him and his sisters, they refused to send them to boarding school and wanted them to remain local.

This is a very short explainer as to who the new Duke of Westminster is, as not much is known about him at all. This is because the family have always maintained a very private life, and have stayed out of the public eye.

He has maintained such privacy in fact, not many pictures are in circulation of him. In the image above he is to the far right.

His biggest public appearance was at the Christening of Prince George, when it was announced he would become a godparent.

It is unknown whether he will make more public appearances in the future, or whether he will stick to the life he is used to.