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David Cameron leads MPs in official best wishes for Prince George

David Cameron has described the arrival of Prince George as a “national moment” as he led MPs in sending their best wishes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

“The birth of Prince George was a national moment. A time to recognise, once again, what a vital part of our national life the monarchy is,” the Prime Minister said on Monday in the Houses of Parliament.


MPs have sent their official best wishes to new parents William and Kate. Photo: Michael Middleton/PA.

“In the past few years we have seen a surge of affection for our Royal Family, from the royal wedding to the Diamond Jubilee and the coronation celebrations. And, of course, this summer millions cheered the news of the royal birth,” he added.

The Prime Minister also hoped that Prince William and Kate would be “allowed the space” to bring up the new third-in-line.

Ministers including Ed Miliband sent their official best wishes to the new parents in a “humble address” to mark the new Prince’s arrival.

The leader of Labour party described the fond moment as a reminder of the monarchy’s “unique service” and praised the couple for the way they acted in front of the world’s media.

Ed continued wishing the mini monarch-to-be “health, happiness and a long life”.

On July 22, parliament was in recess when the Prince was born, so Monday was the first chance MPs had to send the couple their official congratulations.