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The Princess Royal at 70: Her most memorable public moments

Princess Anne Birthday Banner
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On 15 August, Princess Anne will celebrate her 70th birthday. Anne is the second child and the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, and to celebrate, Royal Central is taking a look back at the Princess’s most memorable public moments.


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The Queen, Prince Philip, and Princess Anne took an extensive tour of Australia and New Zealand in honour of the bi-centenary of Captain James Cook. Cook sailed up the east coast of Australia in 1770. At the time, the Princess was just 19-years-old. This marked her first big overseas tour.

14 November 1973

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The Princess Royal married her first husband, Mark Phillips on 14 November 1973. The two first met at a party in 1968 that was meant for equestrians and horse enthusiasts. The two announced their engagement in May of 1973. The Westminster Abbey ceremony was televised around the world with an estimated audience of 100 million.

1976 Olympic Games

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Continuing her equestrian career, the Princess participated in the Montreal Olympic Games as a member of Team Britain, riding The Queen’s horse, ‘Goodwill.’ She was the first member of the British Royal Family to compete in the Olympic Games.

23 April 1985

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The Princess made her debut as a flat race jockey in the paddock before mounting ‘Against the Grain.’

London 2012

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In 1988, The Princess was appointed a Member of the International Olympic Committee. As a member of the IOC, Anne is often seen supporting Team GB as President of the British Olympic Association. She also took part in London’s successful bid to host the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games and served as a member of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games. She attended hundreds of events during the Games.

14 January 2020

The Princess received an honorary degree from her sister-in-law, The Duchess of Cornwall, at the University of Aberdeen. Being involved with over 300 charities, the Princess was nominated by the university in recognition of her charity work. The Duchess conferred the Princess in her role as the university’s chancellor.

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