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Style Moments of the Reign: The Queen’s most famous accessory

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her stylish headwear. Her hats are legendary, for a while she was the owner of a string of seriously stylish turbans and then, of course, come those tiaras and the crown. But one accessory The Queen truly enjoys is a headscarf.

Most recently, Her Majesty was seen wearing a scarf and beaming with pride at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, where her pony won first place. Very often Queen Elizabeth chooses a head scarf for more casual events, such as horse races, driving around her estates or heading for a train. But she has been known to don the headwear for more official duties. She greeted former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as they arrived at Windsor Castle for lunch wearing a blur floral scarf. They did arrive by helicopter, so it was wise of The Queen to choose a scarf and preserve her hairdo. Years earlier, The Queen went horseback riding with former President Ronald Reagan and chose a headscarf to complete her look.

Usually the scarves are a traditional print, such as plaid, geometrical or solid colours. But even Her Majesty has a sense of whimsy. The Queen has a number of dog and equestrian print scarves in her collections. Plus her floral ones come in handy, especially when she attends the Chelsea Flower Show. One thing is always true, The Queen’s scarf is always coordinated with her outfit.

The Queen and scarves are so ubiquitous that in 2016 Hermes issued a limited-edition scarf in honour of her 90th birthday. Queen Elizabeth II is an influencer and it appears she has influenced her daughter, Princess Anne of the usefulness of a good scarf. The Princess Royal is often seen wearing the elegant accessory when attending events, like mother, like daughter.