Former Prime Minister Sir John Major to take Boris Johnson to court over Queen’s Speech

Chatham House via Flickr CC

A former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is taking a current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to court in an unprecedented move.

Sir John Major, Conservative PM from 1990 – 1997, has announced that he is taking Boris Johnson and the government to court over their decision to prorogue Parliament.

In a statement, Sir John said: “I promised that, if the Prime Minister prorogued Parliament in order to prevent Members from opposing his Brexit plans, I would seek judicial review of his action.

“In view of the imminence of the prorogation – and to avoid duplication of effort, and taking up the court’s time through repetition – I intend to seek the court’s permission to intervene in the claim already initiated by Gina Miller, rather than to commence separate proceedings.

“If granted permission to intervene, I intend to seek to assist the court from the perspective of having served in government as a minister and prime minister, and also in Parliament for many years as a member of the House of Commons.”

The news of Sir John’s legal challenge comes just a couple of days after the government announced that it would suspend Parliament for five weeks when MPs return from their summer recess in September.

This means MPs will be prevented from discussing the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union which is due to happen on October 31st, something many lawmakers want to delay if no deal is struck up.

The Queen approved the prorogation of Parliament on Wednesday from Balmoral on the advice of Ministers.

The prorogation was granted under the pretence that the government wishes to unveil a new government agenda – a clean slate for Boris Johnson who is only a few weeks into the job.

However, many suspect that Her Majesty and the country have been misled, with the real reason behind the suspension being to push through a no-deal Brexit without scrutiny from MPs.