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The Swedish monarch and the Nobels

While each royal family has annual ceremonial events that they are known for, the Swedish Royal Family has a yearly event that is publicised around the globe.

Each year, the Swedish Royal Family takes part in the Nobel Prize award ceremonies.

The Nobel Award Prize ceremony is usually held in December at the Stockholm Concert Hall. In 2023, it will be held on 10 December and will be televised globally.

Five Nobel Prizes are awarded annually: Peace, Literature, Physiology or Medicine, Chemistry, and Physics. The winner is announced in October, and the ceremony follows in December. 

The monarch of Sweden takes the place of precedence at the ceremony, as they hand each of the five prizes to the award winners. And in addition to King Carl XVI Gustaf presenting the awards himself, many other members of the Swedish Royal Family attends the ceremony, as well.

Following the ceremony, the Swedish Royal Family, award winners, and other dignitaries attend a formal banquet also at Stockholm Concert Hall. 

The Nobel ceremony and banquet are formal events for the Swedish Royal Family and are popularly followed by royal watchers to see which tiaras and pieces of jewellery are worn for the day. 

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