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Princess Sofia opens clinic for people with eating disorders

Princess Sofia of Sweden has attended the inauguration of a new clinic, the Sophiahemmet Clinic for people with eating disorders. The Princess has been the Honorary President of Sophiahemmet since 2016.

On Tuesday, the new Sophiahemmet Clinic for those with eating disorders was inaugurated, and one person that could not miss out on this particular day was Princess Sofia, Sophiahemmet’s Honorary President. During the official opening, the Princess learned more about the condition and treatment options.

The new clinic will work with a unique technique called mandatormeter. The mandatormeter technique is a specific Swedish method for treating eating disorders. The plan is based on the belief that eating disorders have a physical rather than a mental cause. The mandometer clinic will combine heat treatment with activity therapy, social reconstruction and the strengthening of confidence. The aim is to normalise the eating behaviour of persons.

Photo: Pia Hultkrantz/Sophiahemmet

The new clinic will be able to treat 16 patients at once and is open for those with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or binge eating.

After the opening ceremony, Princess Sofia spoke to the staff and patients at the new clinic. The Princess also received a tour.

Princess Sofia attends the symposium on eating disorders. (Photo: Pia Hultkrantz/Sophiahemmet)

Princess Sofia was well prepared for the inauguration as she sharpened her knowledge of eating disorders by attending a seminar. The symposium “Frisk från anorexi” on the topic of eating disorders was organised by Sophiahemmet the day before.

Sophiahemmet is a private hospital in Stockholm that aims to provide highly-specialised medical care. The hospital is closely connected with the Sophiahemmet College. Sophiahemmet College offers nurse training, both general and specified. Princess Sofia is the organisation’s Honorary President since receiving the responsibility from the previous Honorary President, Princess Christina, the King’s sister, in 2016.

The Princess will, as each year, attend the graduation ceremony of the new nurses from Sophiahemmet College on the 14th of June.

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