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Princess Madeleine faces criticism for clothing choice

Last Friday, Princess Madeleine joined her family to attend the christening of her godson and nephew Prince Gabriel. Princess Madeleine has been criticised by animal rights activists for her choice of clothing for the baptism.

On Friday, Prince Gabriel of Sweden, son of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, was baptised in an intimate ceremony at the chapel of Drottningholm Palace. The Prince Couple had chosen Princess Madeleine as one of the godparents for their son. Thu,s Princess Madeleine performed an essential role at the christening.

Princess Madeleine stepped out in a pink floral Valentino dress and added a pink Valentino coat to brave the cold. The Princess accompanied her look with a Bottega Veneta bag, black heels and a pink hairband. Despite being named one of the best-dressed guests, the Princess has been criticised for her outfit choice.

The Pink Persian lamb fur cutaway collar coat Madeleine wore, is made from exactly that- lamb fur. This has very much upset animal rights activists. The Swedish animal rights organisation has issued a statement on their Facebook page in which they condemn Madeleine’s choice for the coat.

Camilla Björkbom, the President of Animal Rights Sweden, said: “It’s absolutely outrageous that she wore it [lamb fur] and that the Royal Family is not well-informed on these issues. The Royal Family should think about what message they convey. She has an extraordinary responsibility to spread the image that it is not ok to wear fur.” 

The organisation also claims that the fur has been taken from a lamb that has been slaughtered at three-six days old.

Princess Madeleine at the christening of Prince Gabriel. (Erika Gerdemark /

The Swedish newspaper Expressen asked the Royal Court for an answer, and the spokeswoman Margareta Thörgen commented: “It is true that Princess Madeleine wore a coat of lamb fur, but it was made of an older lamb. What I can say in general about lambskin is that it is something that many wear and have in their homes and those are considered to be sustainable products.”

Animal Rights Sweden (Djurens Rätt) was not pleased with the answer, and the organisation has started a petition. They ask people to sign their petition in which they ask the Royal Family not to wear any fur anymore. According to the organisation, the members of the Royal Family “are role models whose clothing choices create trends. Therefore, they have a particularly great responsibility to make informed choices.” They added there is broad support for a ban on fur farming in Sweden. Animal Rights Sweden states: “dressing in fur is unethical and out of date.”

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