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Princess Leonore starts preschool in Sweden

Yesterday, Princess Leonore took the next step in her young life: she started Swedish pre-school. The Swedish Princess experienced her first day of Swedish preschool in Stockholm; however, Leonore has been attending a preschool in London for some time.

The Swedish Royal court confirmed to Aftonbladet that Princess Leonore, the daughter of Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill, started preschool on Thursday. The three-year-old is currently staying with her family in their apartment at the Royal Mews in Stockholm. The normally London based family has spent the entire summer in Sweden, and according to the Swedish Royal Court spokeswoman, they will continue to do so during September. The school is said to be situated close to their Stockholm home.

Margareta Thorgren, a spokeswoman for the Royal Court, said that even though the Princess Family lives in London, “the whole family is regularly in Sweden for long periods, and because of this, Princess Leonore has begun her education at a preschool here in Stockholm today.”

Just after Leonore was born in New York, Princess Madeleine signed her daughter up on the waiting list of the preschool. The Royal Court denied that the family has plans to move to Sweden in the near future. Princess Leonore’s preschool in the United Kingdom is also close to their London home.

It was, however, important for Princess Madeleine that her daughter would attend preschool in Sweden. “Princess Leonore has to meet with peers, and Princess Madeleine is convinced that her children should have a strong connection with Sweden. Her wish is that the children will feel at home here like the Princess herself,” said Margareta Thorgren.

Princess Leonore’s two-year-old brother, Prince Nicolas is also on the waiting list for the same preschool in Stockholm. Princess Madeleine feels, however, that her son is still too young to enrol, so he will not start in the autumn.

It seems as if more steps are being taken for Princess Madeleine and her family to move to Sweden eventually. However, the couple has said more than once that for now, they will be staying in London where Chris O’Neill has his job. For Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas to remain in line to the throne, the family will have to move to Sweden as they both should be educated there from the age of six. Princess Madeleine only said last year: “Home? It’s Sweden.” Her American/British husband Chris O’Neill agreed.

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