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Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar of Sweden send spring greetings with the announcement of Estelle’s schooling

The Swedish Royal Court has released four new pictures of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel’s children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. Every season the court issues new photos of the children of the heir-to-the-throne.

The Crown Princess Family has sent their greetings from Haga Palace, the home of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. The Crown Princess Couple has made it a tradition to release new pictures of their two children each season.

Photo: Linda Broström,

In the new spring pictures, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar are pictured in Haga Park. Six-year-old Estelle and two-year-old Oscar are seen taking a look at the fresh Spring flowers in the garden.

The pictures were taken in mid-May. This time the Crown Princess Family opted for a new photographer as the images have been made by Linda Broström.

Photo: Linda Broström,

The new set includes four pictures: two in colour and two in black and white. Two pictures show the siblings together, and both Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar have an individual image.

At the same moment, the Swedish Royal Court has also revealed that Princess Estelle will start preschool in August. On the 21st of August, Princess Estelle will attend preschool at Campus Manillas Elementary School in Djurgården, Stockholm.

Photo: Linda Broström,

The Swedish Royal Court is arranging a photocall on the morning of the first day of Princess Estelle going to elementary school. Princess Estelle will be accompanied by her parents. The Swedish Royal Court has asked the media to show respect to Princess Estelle and her family and the other children attending Campus Manillas Elementary School.

It won’t be long until we see Princess Estelle and her brother Prince Oscar in public again. The two are expected to accompany the rest of the Royal Family to the baptism of their cousin, Princess Adrienne on 8 June. The daughter of Princess Madeleine and Christopher O’Neill is the newest addition to the family and was born on the 9th of May.

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