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King and Queen of Sweden visit Crime Prevention Council

The King and Queen of Sweden visited the Crime Prevention Council (Brå) Wednesday to learn more about how the organisation is working to reduce crime and develop knowledge in the judicial system.

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia were welcomed to the offices by Director General Erik Wennerström, Deputy Director-General Björn Borschos and Chief of Staff Anna Westphalen.

Their meeting focused on three reports developed by Brå, which is an authority under the Ministry of Justice and employs more than 150 people in Stockholm.

The King and Queen pose with members of the Crime Prevention Council staff: Director General Erik Wennerström, Deputy Director-General Björn Borschos and Chief of Staff Anna Westphalen. Photo: Sara Friberg/Kungl. Royal Court

The first report the royal couple learned about was “Relation to the judicial system in socially vulnerable areas.” According to the Royal Family’s website, “Brå, through the use of questionnaires and interviews from residents in socially vulnerable areas, examined how they view security and confidence in the judicial system.”

The King and Queen also reviewed a report “Shooting in criminal environments” to hear more about the issue of lethal firearms violence in Sweden, which has grown in recent years. Brå interviewed people who had been involved in criminal environments to get insight for this study.

Lastly, they took a look at the National Security Survey, which is an annual national crime victim and security survey. “The record consists of approximately 74,000 people who, through mail and web surveys, answered questions about vulnerability to crime, insecurity and concerns about crime, confidence in the judicial system and experiences of contacts with the judicial system,” according to the Royal Family.

Before departing, the King and Queen visited the Center for Preventing Violent Extremism (CVE). The CVE was established in January 2018 and “works to prevent ideologically motivated crime and terrorism.”

Earlier this week, King Carl XVI Gustaf sent words of support to King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands after the terror incident in Utrecht, in which he said, “Violent acts such as these are completely unacceptable. Let us stand united and stand together for a society in which people can feel safe and in which freedom and tolerance prevail.”

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