Crown Princess Victoria walks through Blekinge

Crown Princess Victoria has undertaken her first walk in her series of hikes through Sweden of this year. Her Royal Highness walked in Blekinge, the duchy of her niece Princess Adrienne, yesterday.

In the morning, Crown Princess Victoria and her entourage arrived in Ronneby, Blekinge. The day kicked off with a visit to the Hulta preschool where the Crown Princess got to meet the children and staff. She got to know more about how the school works from an environmental and sustainability perspective. The preschool is organised according to the “Cradle to Cradle” concept which is about that “our community and product development has much to gain from organic systems where energy and materials are operated efficiently and cyclic instead of consumed.”

Dressed in jeans and sneakers, the Crown Princess was then welcomed by hundreds of people who had gathered at the town square to see her. The hike went along the Ronneby River down to the old source in the Ronneby Brunnspark. Throughout the day the Crown Princess made several stops as she was able to see different parts of the city.

Photo: Raphael Stecksén, Kungahuset.se

Photo: Raphael Stecksén, Kungahuset.se

After lunch, the hike continued through the nature reserve South of Brunnskogen. There, Crown Princess Victoria got to learn more about birding. Unfortunately, it was a little cold, and Victoria wasn’t able to see many different birds. She also got to meet the Ronneby Orienteering Club, the Swedish society for nature conservation and outdoor life.

Crown Princess Victoria was reportedly so interested in the stories the children had to tell, her entourage had to rush her back to the car to keep up the timetable.

The walk through Blekinge marks the fifth hike of Crown Princess Victoria’s tour through Sweden. Last year she walked in Västergötland, Värmland, Östergötland and Västerbotten.

Photo: Raphael Stecksén, Kungahuset.se

With these hikes, Crown Princess Victoria wants to experience different parts of Sweden during different seasons and to visualise the treasure that the Swedish nature is for all who live and work there. The Crown Princess also wants to increase the value of outdoor life and movement.

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