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Crown Princess Victoria to hike through Uppland

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden will undertake her fourteenth walking tour of Sweden’s landscape when she embarks on a hike in Uppland on Wednesday, 12 September.

The walk will begin at Sågarbo Manor, continuing through the Billudden Nature Reserve – Uppland’s northernmost outpost – to the fishing harbour in Billhamn. From Billhamn, the Crown Princess will traverse the waterways to Billuddens tip, Billskaten, before continuing along the western bank of Billund to Brämsand, ending at Rullsands havsbad.

The Billudden Nature Reserve is known for its distinctive and beautiful landscape along the roaring sea, full of lush greenery, pebble beaches, dunes and a marine tower which has the distinction of being Europe’s largest.

The Crown Princess’s Swedish landscape walks began in the autumn of 2017, with the first one taking place in her personal Duchy, Västergötland, on a rainy day in September. On that occasion, she was joined by her husband, Prince Daniel. The goal of the hikes is to allow Crown Princess Victoria to experience all of the unique and different parts of Sweden at different times of years, allowing her to see the treasure of Sweden’s natural landscape and experience for herself what all those who live and work in the areas see in their day-to-day lives.

Each walk is designed in partnership with the local community and county boards and aims to allow the Crown Princess to experience parts of Sweden’s uniquely accessible and varied nature, and to share that experience with Swedes and the world more generally through the media coverage of the hike. It also allows her to share her passion for the value of outdoor life and the importance of movement with the Swedish people.

The walks will continue over the course of the next few years, allowing the Crown Princess the opportunity to experience every corner of natural beauty that Sweden has to offer.