Crown Princess Victoria patron of Pink Ribbon Campaign for 10th year in a row

Crown Princess Victoria has launched the Rosa Bandet (or Pink Ribbon) Campaign of the Cancer Foundation in Sweden today.

It is all ready for the 10th consecutive year that Crown Princess Victoria is patron of the breast cancer awareness campaign.

Today, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden kicked off the annual Pink Ribbon (or Rosa Bandet) Campaign of the Cancerfonden (Cancer Foundation) by releasing new images of the Crown Princess wearing this year’s pink ribbon. Crown Princess Victoria first launched the campaign in 2009 and has been its patron ever since. It is the 16th edition of the Pink Ribbon Campaign.

Photo: Ea Czyz, Cancerfonden

According to the Secretary General of the Swedish Cancer Society Ulrika Kågström Årehed, Crown Princess Victoria plays an essential role in the Foundation’s campaign to further draw attention to the issue of Cancer and the importance of Swedish cancer research. Ms. Kågström Årehed said: “We are very proud and grateful for the involvement of Crown Princess Victoria. Crown Princess’s involvement has actively contributed to unite so many people around the Cancer Foundation pink ribbon campaign. The interest of both private individuals and associations and companies that contribute to cancer research just keeps getting bigger and bigger.”

October is the international breast cancer awareness month and the ideal time to start the Pink Ribbon Campaign. The Pink Ribbon campaign aims to fight breast cancer by funding cancer research, raise awareness of the disease and by arousing the public opinion.

Photo: Ea Czyz, Cancerfonden

During October, individuals, associations and businesses across the country organise various events and fundraising initiatives which benefit the Cancer Foundation. Hundreds of thousands of people wear the Pink Ribbon and choose to buy pink products from Pink Ribbon’s partners to show their support.

In the new images released by the Cancer Foundation, Crown Princess Victoria is seen wearing the Pink Ribbon. This year’s ribbon is designed by fashion designer and artist Bea Szenfeld.

The pictures released in honour of this year’s campaign have been taken on 11 September when the Crown Princess received President of the Cancer Society’s Research Board Klas Kärre and Ulrika Kågström Årehed, Secretary General of the Swedish Cancer Society at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. During the meeting Crown Princess Victoria was informed on this year’s Pink Ribbon Campaign and was told about immunotherapy and new treatment methods.

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