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Crown Princess Couple of Sweden attend Pep Forum

Championing healthy children was the message of the day as Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attended the Pep Forum on Friday. Held at the Karolinska Institute in Solna, the event was organised by Generation Pep, the nonprofit initiated by the Crown Princess Couple.

Generation Pep’s vision is for children and young people in Sweden to have the ability and desire to live an active and healthy life, and according to the Swedish Royal House, the forum was created “with the aim of creating conversation, engagement, and change for the health of children and young people.”

Around 900 participants from a variety of sectors such as politics, business, and associations participated in the Pep Forum, with the event led by moderators Carolina Klüft and Dona Hariri.

The Crown Princess opened the Pep Forum with a speech in which she talked about the state of children’s health in Sweden and how adults should lead by example for the next generation.

“I don’t think any of you in here lack knowledge of the health situation among Sweden’s children and young people. You’ve heard the numbers and seen the charts. You know that children are moving less and less and that health is becoming more unequal.

I also don’t think any of us in here are happy with what it looks like today. I know I’m not, and neither is Prince Daniel. I think you feel the same anxiety and frustration as we do – and the same conviction that it is possible to turn things right. At least if we dare to think new.

That’s why, just over three years ago, we took the initiative to Generation Pep. We wanted to create a platform where different parts of society could meet. We wanted to support those who have already put on the jersey for children’s and young people’s health. And we wanted to inspire more people to do the same.

Therefore, I am pleased to welcome you to this year’s Pep Forum, where the theme is leadership for the health of children and young people and where inspiration is the keyword.

Leading by example, they say in English. I thought about how to translate it – ‘to set a good example’ is probably what comes closest. At the same time, you lose a key concept: ‘leading’, ‘to lead’. Because that’s exactly what it’s all about: leadership.

Whether you are an individual, a company, a city or a country: The good example is a tremendously powerful tool for change. And to dare to create such examples – that is to show leadership.”

Prince Daniel then also took the stage to speak about how Sweden can work to improve the health of children and young people in the future.

Other speakers at Pep Forum 2019 included Peter Fredriksson, Director General of the National Agency for Education and Pasha Elstak, management advisor for the Amsterdam Healthy Weight Program, among others.

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