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Queen Máxima: Our fashion favourites

Known for her bold, fun, and sometimes flamboyant style, Queen Máxima never disappoints when it comes to delivering a great fashion moment. We’re taking a look at some of our favourite looks from the Dutch queen.

Kristin Contino, Chief Reporter

Picture by Gustavo Valiente / i-Images

I always love following state visits, and my favourite day look from Queen Máxima comes from the October 2018 Netherlands state visit to the UK. This neon pink is not a colour most people can pull off but combined with the contrasting black beaded leaf detail and accessories, this outfit just works so well for Máxima.

This Oscar de la Renta dress showed up again for a 2019 engagement in the Netherlands, proving even the boldest outfits can definitely be worn again and styled in a different way.

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My other top look comes from King Willem-Alexander’s 2013 inauguration ceremony. Her cobalt blue gown by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau combined with the Dutch sapphire tiara was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, plus gave a nod to the blue of the Dutch flag. The addition of a cape to her lace and crystal-embellished gown made it all the more dramatic for such an important occasion.

I appreciated how the three little princesses and their grandmother dressed in blue as well to match; it was just a wonderful royal moment and the striking blue shades really stood out in the photos.

Brittani Barger, Deputy Editor

My absolute favourite outfit of Queen Máxima’s is the royal blue Jan Taminiau gown from King Willem-Alexander’s inauguration, but since it’s been selected by the other ladies, I’ll choose two other pieces to feature here.

I’ve always loved the tangerine one-shouldered Jan Taminiau gown that she wore during her 40th birthday celebrations in 2011. I love that the one shoulder’s fabric flared out when she moved her arm in a partial cape look. Being a Tennessee Vols fan, I love anything orange, so the fact that the Queen (then Princess) was in a shade of orange was a plus!

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My second choice is the red flowy silk gown by Valentino that Máxima wore to a dinner in honour of the German President Joachim Gauck in February 2017. The caftan gown is very plain, but in typical Máxima style, she jazzed it up with some diamonds and her bright smile. Her outfits can be very vibrant and over the top (which only she can pull off), so it’s nice to see her in something scaled-down every now and then.

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Moniek Bloks, Assistant Editor

As someone who isn’t that into fashion, I often Queen Máxima’s outfits over the top and most of the time, it’s the simpler outfits that make the best impression on me. She can pull off anything, anyway!

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Heaven LeeMiller, Europe Correspondent

My first choice is the Jan Taminiau gown she wore for King Willem-Alexander’s coronation. I think this one was the obvious choice for me! She just looked so stunning. Royal blue is one of my favourite colours, and it really suits her. She needed a grand outfit to match Willem-Alexander, and she chose well. The gown and the embroideries look stunning up close, and the cape was the perfect way to elevate the dress.

She wore the gown again in Denmark in 2015, and I loved it. However, I think the cape really makes it work. The pairing of the gown with the sapphire tiara was also an amazing choice. You can see that she and her team made sure that the outfit flowed well and paid attention to every single detail, and it worked. When I think of Máxima, this is the outfit I’m thinking about. It’s perfect for a queen.

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My second choice is another Jan Taminiau gown. If the first gown is attention-grabbing (in a very good way), this one is more delicate, but it still fits Máxima’s personality and style so well. She wore it to Prinsjesdag in 2015 and then again to celebrate King Harald and Queen Sonja’s 80th birthdays in 2017.

Jan Taminiau was inspired by the walls of a room in Huis Ten Boch Palace in The Hague, and the gown features embroideries of flowers and birds as well as a stunning beading work. Again, Taminiau’s beading work is absolutely wonderful up close. I really love that Taminiau made this gown for Máxima with a room of her palace in mind. It’s such a nice thought and a lovely story behind the dress, and I think this is why I love it so much. I think it’s the perfect example of Máxima being able to pull off show-stopping gowns as well as more delicate and soft gowns.

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