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The Netherlands

Dutch State Visit to Indonesia: Day Two

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima
Photo RVD, Erwin Olaf

The King and Queen of the Netherlands have continued their State Visit to Indonesia in the city of Yogyakarta. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima met students, talked about business and economic ties and heard about work towards religious tolerance in a busy day.

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The couple arrived following a short flight from Jakarta with the Dutch king in the cockpit. They were given an official welcome by the Sultan of Yogyakarta and his wife. The area became part of Indonesia in 1950 as a special region with the ruling family retaining its title and status. Willem-Alexander and Maxima were treated to a special Javanese welcome dance before an official lunch at the Sultan’s palace, the Kraton Nga Yogyakarta Hadiningrat.

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Next on the royal itinerary was a visit to showcase how the internet and modern technology is helping communities live and work more closely together. They spent time at Connected Kampoeng, a village close to the Kraton Palace where the internet has played a central role in developing business and cultural opportunities. Technology was also at the heart of an educational visit which saw the King and Queen head to Gadjah Mada University to hear about scientific co-operation between the Netherlands and Indonesia. There was a particular focus on the Innovative Academy there which encourages collaboration to help develop start ups.

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Willem-Alexander and Maxima then travelled to the Hindu temple complex at Prambanan. Founded in the 9th century, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as a modern day religious centre. The Dutch King and Queen met several religious leaders to hear about work going on to promote tolerance and harmony both in the local areas and across Indonesia.

The Dutch State Visit to Indonesia, which was shortened after a boat disaster in the country, will continue on March 12th and Royal Central will bring you further coverage.

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