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The Netherlands

Dutch royal urges people to buy second hand clothes

Royal Palace, Amsterdam

A member of the Dutch Royal Family has taken to social media to urge the public to buy second-hand clothing as royals everywhere are encouraging more sustainable habits. 

Countess Eloise of Orange-Nassau has shared a message on Instagram to help promote sustainability in fashion. 

In a video, she said, “Please, try to buy second-hand clothes” and explains that finding second-hand clothing is a better option then adds, “there are so many nice clothes in this world and they just don’t get worn. So maybe take a look and see how you like it.”

The Countess has used her Instagram account to sell vintage clothing for several years now. In the past, she has sold clothing with the Dutch company United Wardrobe. (United Wardrobe was acquired by Lithuanian competitor Vinted in 2020.)

Eloise has established herself as a fashion and beauty influencer in the Netherlands. Her Instagram account, @EloiseVanOranje, has over 400,000 followers as of July 2023. 

In January, February, and March 2023, she was a judge on the eight-week reality television show Nikkie’s Make-Up Mansion where ten creative professionals competed to win the top prize. 

In June 2021, the Countess published her first book, Learning By Doing. She addressed several different topics, including food, travel, and clothing in the book, and answers questions from her followers on social media. 

The 21-year-old influencer is the daughter of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentian of the Netherlands and is the niece of King Willem-Alexander. Although she is no longer a member of the royal house after her grandmother’s abdication in 2013, she is still fifth in the line of succession to the Dutch throne. Eloise typically does not discuss her royal cousins on her social media, and instead focuses on her own life. 

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