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Queen Margrethe joined by her sister for a special anniversary

Denmark’s Queen, Margrethe II, was accompanied by her younger sister, Princess Benedikte, as she oversaw the beginning of commemorations of a major anniversary for their country. The two royals attended a special concert marking the centenary of the reunification of South Jutland with Denmark.

The gala evening was hosted by the Danish government as events for the 100th anniversary get under way. The performance, which included music and dance, took place at the Royal Theatre in the heart of Copenhagen.

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Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte, both dressed in patriotic red, were presented with flowers as they arrived at the theatre. They then took their seats in the Royal Box for the show which featured performances from children’s choirs as well as a world premiere of a special German-Danish pas-de-deux.

South Jutland is the modern Danish name for part of what, for centuries, was known as the Duchy of Schleswig. In the 19th century, two wars were fought over Schleswig which culminated in Prussia defeating Denmark and taking control of the area. Following the First World War, Danish authorities asked for a referendum over the future of the area. The area now called South Jutland chose to be part of Denmark and the reunification took place in 1920.

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Commemorations will take place throughout 2020 with special events planned for February and March to mark the centenary of the referendum itself. The most high profile celebrations will come in July to mark exactly 100 years since King Christian X rode, symbolically, across the border between Denmark and South Jutland to show they were now one again.

Queen Margrethe and her family are expected to play a major part in the ongoing commemorations.

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