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Dutch Photo Agency tries to sell topless pictures of Princess Marie of Denmark

It has been revealed that the Dutch Photo Agency has tried to sell paparazzi pictures of Princess Marie while she was on holiday in Saint-Tropez, France, last summer. In the images, the Danish Princess is seen sunbathing topless. The Dutch Photo Agency has now promised to remove them.

Even though the pictures of Princess Marie were already on sale beginning last summer, it has only been discovered recently by the Danish media. The Danish media decided not to publish the pictures as they reported on them. The photos were taken in the Summer of 2017 at a resort in Saint-Tropez, France.

Danish media has contacted the Dutch Photo Agency on the issue. Bas van Beek, Director of the Dutch Photo Agency, said he was unaware his agency was trying to sell those pictures. He commented:

“We would not sell these kinds of images of the Dutch Queen, and therefore, we will not offer those pictures of the Danish princess. We have a label which makes that we do not sell paparazzi-pictures of members of the Dutch Royal Family, and that is why we won’t sell that sort of images by members of foreign royal houses.”

Bas van Beek assured the Danish media that the pictures had not been bought by anyone. He also promised to remove the pictures from their website immediately.

The Danish Royal Family did not wish to make an official statement on the issue. The Royal Family communications officer, Frederik Linde commented: “What is on the Internet is difficult to do anything about, and we have no comment on the article.” The Danish court did not want to say whether they were going to undertake legal steps.

According to Danish legal specialists, the offering of the topless pictures might even be unlawful. They refer to a precedent case: “We know from Andrea Rudolph’s case, that images of this type should be published in connection with information on something and not just to show him or her without clothes in a clear private context. And one can ask whether it will ever be relevant to show the kind of images regardless of the relationship.”

Princess Marie is married to Queen Margrethe’s son Prince Joachim. The pair has two children together: Prince Henrik and Princess Athena.

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