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Danish Gala State Council Dinner held at Fredensborg

Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset

Queen Margrethe of Denmark held a Gala State Council Dinner at Fredensborg Palace alongside Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary for the Prime Minister, government members, Secretary of State and members of the Royal Court.

The dinner was held in the Dome Hall on Wednesday, 29 September, for the first time since 2017. Prior to that, the previous dinner was held in 2009.

A gala dinner is supposed to be held each election period, and local elections are due to be held in November. Mette Frederiksen became the Prime Minister of Denmark in 2019, and the next general election is set for 2023.

Those in attendance at the dinner included the Council of State, which is a government body that deals with laws and essential government measures. They ratify bills parliament has adopted and present them to Queen Margrethe.

This is not the first event Fredensborg Palace has hosted this week. On 26 September, Queen Margrethe held the Army’s Badge of Honour Dinner alongside Crown Princess Mary. The pair were even joined by the Queen’s dachshund Tilia during the Queen’s entrance into the Dome Hall.

The Army’s Badge of Honour is for exemplary service in the Danish army and is given to those who have had 25 years of service in the armed forces. Each branch of the military gets the Badge of Honour Dinner per year; as such, the Army Badge of Honour Dinner is only held every three years.

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