Crown Prince Frederik made functioning Regent of Denmark

Crown Prince Frederik has been made functioning Regent of Denmark as Her Majesty Queen Margrethe spends the next couple of weeks in France on holiday.

The Queen and Prince Henrik are currently holidaying in France, meaning Crown Prince Frederik has been conferred his mother’s powers for the duration of her time away.

In Denmark, it is customary for another member of The Queen’s family to be made Regent when she is out of the country – even if it is only for a few days.

In the past few years, Prince Joachim and Princess Benedikte have also taken on the role, usually when Crown Prince Frederik is also out of the country with his mother.

The Danish Constitution stipulates that there must always be a fortified member of The Royal Family in the country at all times. As such, the title of Regent is conferred to a member of The Queen’s family in her absence who has all of the powers the Monarch would have.

In the United Kingdom, there is no codified constitution which means there is no requirement for a member of The Royal Family to be in the country at all times.when Queen Elizabeth II is outside of the country, no Regent is appointed.

In addition, The Queen is Head of State of multiple countries around the world, and it is impossible for a member of her family to be in these countries all the time.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik begin their French holiday surrounded by comments made by 83-year-old Henrik last week about his burial arrangments.

The Prince said that he does not wish to be buried beside his wife in Roskilde Cathedral, the traditional burial site of the Kings and Queens of Denmark.

A couple of days ago, Prince Henrik gave a bizarre interview to a Danish magazine, in which he said The Queen is “playing him for a fool.”

Prince Henrik said: “If she (The Queen) wants to have me buried next to her, she must make me King Consort, that’s it!”

He added: “My wife hasn’t shown me the respect an ordinary wife should show her spouse.”