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A new dress after a quarter of a century for Europe’s longest-reigning monarch

While the new year is a celebration for everyone, it is an even bigger celebration for Queen Margrethe of Denmark. After 25 years, she wore a new dress for the Royal House’s New Year’s Cure on 3 January. 

Royals are often known for their large and expensive wardrobes. However, Queen Margrethe of Denmark re-wears her “cure” dress for several years. She wore her first dress for 25 years. She wore her second court dress, a royal blue gown, for 25 years, as well, with 2022 being its last outing. 

Margrethe looked striking in the new burgundy gown with a black fur collar and cuffs accessorised with pearl earrings and a coordinating pearl brooch. The Craftsmen’s Association in Copenhagen presented The Queen with the gown in 2022 to mark her Golden Jubilee. 

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Queen Margrethe’s Golden Jubilee celebrations were initially scheduled for January 2022 but were postponed due to the ongoing global health crisis. Events were rescheduled for September, but Margrethe herself ordered the celebrations be scaled back after the death of her close friend and fellow monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. This gown is a beautiful reminder of her quieter but nevertheless important jubilee. 

Every year, the Danish monarch hosts a diplomatic reception in early January. Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary joined Margrethe for the reception where the Royal Life Guards, the Guardhussar Regiment’s officer corps, and the Supreme Court Justices at Christian VII’s Palace at Amalienborg. These New Year’s receptions are a well-established tradition in Denmark, where the Royal House and Danish citizens wish each other luck in the new year. 

Queen Margrethe, like many older generations of royals, tends to consistently re-wear gowns over the years. However, a new dress for these New Year’s receptions is a notable sartorial event for the Danish queen. With the Danish Royal Family beginning the new year slimmer than last, as Prince Joachim’s four children lost their princely titles on 1 January, hopefully, the new dress is a good omen for a new year. 

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