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Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark becomes patron of Red Cross

The Royal Family of Denmark has long been dedicated to securing the welfare and common care and decency of its citizens for many years. Holding substantial positions in community efforts and outreaches both at home and abroad continues to be a goal and mission of the modern Danish royals.

Continuing to follow in the legacy of his father, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark announced on Monday that he would become the next patron of the Danish Red Cross organisation. Prince Henrik, the Crown Prince’s father, previously served as the organisation’s patron for seventeen years.

Yet this is not the first time the Crown Prince has extended himself in a show of support for the Red Cross. In April 2018, Crown Prince Frederik attended a refugee camp in Bangladesh where relief efforts were being held by the Red Cross. Furthermore, to create and foster a greater awareness for relief efforts closer to home, His Royal Highness in 2017 led the creation of the Red Cross Volunteer House located in Copenhagen. This serves as a sort of headquarters for volunteers to discuss methods of solving needs both at home and around the world to give the help necessary on an international level in a well-planned manner.

The Red Cross (International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement) was originally founded in 1863 with the Denmark Red Cross being founded in 1876 as a member of the humanitarian organisation that spans the entire globe to provide disaster relief for the masses. The Red Cross of Denmark boasts of nearly 34,000 volunteers who provide aid both domestically and abroad.

The Red Cross of Denmark continues to help in many disaster-stricken areas including the aid involving humanitarian threats in Syria, victims of the horrendous tsunami that struck Indonesia, and children in Bangladesh in need of basic elements necessary in order to survive.