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Security costs of Belgian Royal Family revealed

The Belgian Minister of Security and Internal Affairs, Pieter De Crem has published the security costs of the Belgian Royal Family from last year. The federal parliament usually asks for these numbers every year in light of transparency.

The Belgian Ministry of Security and Internal Affairs has responded to the parliamentary question about the costs of security of the Belgian Royal Family. For 2018 the prices are up to 15,432,548.72 euros. The numbers include the wages of the security staff, costs made by the federal police for the Royal Family and other expenses. These numbers are in line with the security costs of the previous years.

The Belgian Royal Family has its own security detachment of 195 people which is a part of the federal police reserved for the protection of the royal domains and the Royal Family. In addition, there are 34 servicemen and women of the military who are assigned fulltime to the Royal Family. The military and federal police also participate in the protection of the Royal Family whenever, for example, they attend official engagements, National Day, the summer opening of the Royal Palace, etc. The security staff of the Royal Family collectively worked for about 254,000 hours for the protection of the royals and the royal domains in 2018 or together 427 hours a day.

The King, Queen and their four children have protection agents with them at all times. Princess Elisabeth is currently living in Wales where she attends school, and she has a few protection officers with her. The other members of the Royal Family, Prince Laurent, Princess Claire, Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz only have protection agents with them when they carry out official engagements.

The Royal Palace of Laeken (the King’s home), the Royal Palace of Brussels (the “work” palace) and Belvédère Castle (residence of King Albert & Queen Paola) are guarded around the clock. Villa Clementine, home to Prince Laurent and his family, and Villa Schonenberg, home to Princess Astrid and her family, do not receive any protection but are heavily guarded with security cameras and other devices.

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