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Must See: King Philippe celebrates birthday with comedian Philippe Geubels

King Philippe of Belgium celebrated his 59th birthday in a very special way. He invited the popular comedian Philippe Geubels, who also celebrates his birthday on 15 April, to the Royal Palace to share a birthday cake. The funny interview is a must watch.

King Philippe of Belgium is often seen as a serious King who is a little stiff. However, yesterday on his birthday, the King showed off his funny side as he invited the comedian Philippe Geubels – who is very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. The two not only share their name but also their birthday. While the King turned 59 today, Mr Geubles turned 38. The video shared by the Royal Palace is in Dutch but also subtitled in French.

The video starts with Mr Geubels talking about visiting a “good friend” with whom he shares a birthday. He jokingly added: “I hope he’ll let me in.” He is seen entering the Palace while awkwardly saluting the staff of His Majesty. The meeting began with Philippe offering the King a birthday present, a mug with Geubels’ head wearing a crown. Mr Geubels said: “Now you’ll never forget me!”.


He also offers the King a birthday card. Geubles jokingly said: “This is the first time I’m giving someone a birthday card who is also on the stamp.” When the King opens the card, it starts singing “hey hey hey it’s your birthday!” The King promised to show the card to his kids.

After the presents, it was time for the birthday cake. The King insisted they shared the candle duties. But first Mr Geubels insisted on singing “long will we live”. The King just laughed but did add the “hoorah!” at the end of the song. They both blew out one of the candles and then it was time to taste. The King revealed he had chosen the flavour of the cake but did think “that’s a small cake.” When the footman took away the cake to cut it behind the scenes the King joked: “We’ll be able to eat the cake right? He’s taking it away.”

King Philippe never gives interviews but did make an exception for the comedian. When asked if he shares the tasks with his wife he said: “Yes, it is like that. But we also work together, intimate and in team.” (a pun; in Dutch intiem and in team which has the same pronunciation)

King Philippe was also asked whether he likes to have a chauffeur, and he answered: “In Brussels, yes because of the traffic jams. I’m glad I have someone so I can do a little reading.” Mr Geubels answered: “So even in the car you work?” Then the King said: “Or I pretend I do!”


His Majesty also revealed that he was having a small private birthday party with his wife and four children yesterday. Next year, the King turns 60, but so far no special celebrations are planned. However, the King did respond enthusiastically when the Belgian comedian offered to organise a surprise party.

When it was time to say goodbye King Philippe revealed: “It’s a little boring here right? But it doesn’t mean I am!”

The Royal Palace shared the video on their social media channels. A spokesman said that His Majesty very much enjoyed the tv programme ‘Taboe’ which was made by Philippe Geubels. In the series, Mr Geubels joked about all kinds of topics that are usually off limits to laugh with: terminally ill people, gay people, people with limitations, immigrants and so on. Mr Geubels listened to these people sharing their stories and eventually made a show in which he (respectfully) joked about the stereotypes surrounding the taboos.

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