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Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan encourages political participation

By Office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi -, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

The Crown Prince of Jordan has encouraged the youth in his country to take part in upcoming regional and municipal elections. 

Crown Prince Hussein has made his remarks in a youth forum in Zarqa, a town northeast of the capital Amman, during an event reuniting young activists from different sections of society. The forum took place on Tuesday.

The heir to the throne also remarked that voting should be based on the “merit and efficiency” of the individual candidates, not on decisive ideologies. 

During the forum, Crown Prince Hussein has also extended an invitation to the younger generation to enrol in programs of education that will allow them to enter the job market with more qualifications. These points come in light of the country’s new strategic plan to develop curricula and advance professional and technical training programmes for the job market. 

Crown Prince Hussein presided over the forum during which representatives spoke of their activities in youth-focused initiatives for various sectors, including political debate, inclusivity, international dialogue, health and social work, as well as youth empowerment and legal awareness. 

The event seems to be a logical follow-up of the economic forum attended by both King Abdullah and Crown Prince Hussein on Tuesday, during which the King listened to economic figures for the country before expressing his hope that the new country-wide plan would increase competitiveness and boost the economy. 

One of the points mentioned in King Abdullah’s speech was the need for a clear roadmap for the training of youth to enable a swift entry into the job market. Higher training would also boost Jordan’s competitiveness in the international markets. 

The meeting was a prelude to the upcoming National Economic Council, which will be launched on Saturday and will take place for the following five weeks in the Jordanian Royal Palace.