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Ukraine’s anger at The Queen as she invites Russia’s Patriarch to Buckingham Palace

Ukraine officials have criticised Her Majesty The Queen for inviting the Head of the Russian Orthadox Church to Buckingham Palace for a historic meeting.

The 90-year-old monarch received Patriarch Kirill at Buckingham Palace during his four day visit  to the UK which marks the 300th anniversary of the Russian Orthodox Church’s presence in Britain.

The Ukrainian ambassador to the UK, Natalia Galibarenko, is not happy with the news saying that this could legitimise Russian aggression against Ukraine, which the Patriarch has supported.

According to The Daily Express, Ms Galibarenko he added: “Patriarch Kirill is a Krenlim mouthpiece.”

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth office has responded to Ms Galibarenko’s remarks saying meeting was held due to the fact The Queen is Supreme Governor of the Church of England and that it was “appropriate to recognise shared history and links”.

The 30 minute meeting was behind closed doors in Buckingham Palace without the presence of any media or cameras.

Speaking after the meeting, Patriarch Kirill said: “I am very pleased with the meeting, and I must say that I did not expect the meeting would go the way it did and that it would be held in such an atmosphere and on such an active level on which it really took place.

“This conversation made a very pleasant impression on me intellectually and emotionally. I will preserve in my memory this fair queen who is 90 and has been on the throne for 60 years.

“Monarchy is kind of above momentary political problems, it allows British citizens to rely, through the monarchy, on the full force of their national tradition that the monarchy represents.”

During the meeting, the Patriarch congratulated Her Majesty on her recent 90th birthday and said that she looked in good health.

Before his meeting with The Queen, Patriarch Kirill met the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, to discuss Christianity in Europe.

Last week, the Patriarch conducted a service in London which was attended by Her Majesty’s cousin, Prince Michael of Kent.

  • James Munro

    I’m revolted – how could Her Majesty do this?

    • She has a very powerful sense of Christian duty.

    • Michailian McLoughlin

      Her Majesty cannot *NOT* do it. The meeting was arranged by the Government, not by HMQ. If the Government decides the Queen should meet with someone, the Queen must meet with them. If she cannot conform to the will of the Government of the day, she would be forced to abdicate — because the British Constitution does not permit the monarch to oppose the democratically elected government.

      • Ian Hodgson

        I agree the foreign office says jump and the Queen has to jump your revolution is with the foreign office

  • Royal Bloodline Descent

    Interesting how one makes something out of nothing and blames the Queen .
    The queen has done nothing wrong no matter how some may perceive, she is is the Queen not by choice but by inheriting the position and she represents the British Crown and has served it without complaint on behalf of British People and her commonwealth of nations.

  • So nice to see Her Majesty chat with a Billionaire KGB agent who schemed his way to the head of the ROC. Gratters! Count the silver…

  • Carlos Dyer

    many try to blame HM for many things yet do you know why it never sticks because HRH people know she has a heart of gold & is gentle and nice plus kind hearted so those trying to turn HM into a evil person your not having much luck

  • Carlos Dyer

    Her Majesty The Queen understand people in ways others don’t & those whom do not agree with what HM does often has the wrong views on those things HM already has the facts ahead of it would be nice if some do not try to turn nothing into something because all is fine & well..

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