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The Queen’s visit to Chatham House

Her Majesty The Queen was at Chatham House in Central London on Tuesday 18th November to formally launch the Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs. The Queen, who was accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh on the visit, participated in a ceremony to remove a brick from the wall between Chatham House and the adjacent Ames House.

The new academy will offer leaders the chance to develop skills to deal with major policy challenges and the critical issues facing the world today. Before unveiling a plaque to commemorate her visit, The Queen was invited to say a few words, “I am delighted the Royal Institute of International Affairs had launched this academy as it approaches its first centenary anniversary. I wish the institute every success for this new initiative.”

Whilst at Chatham House, Her Majesty expressed her concerns over the recent outbreak of Ebola and how she fears that the disease, Malaria, will now be forgotten about. The Queen met with Professor David Heymann, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. According to Professor Heymann, The Queen said, “After Ebola we still have malaria.”

Professor Heymann commented on his meeting with Her Majesty, “She was very interested in Ebola because she said her doctor had told her that there are more people dying from malaria each week than Ebola- and he was right. She’s afraid that malaria will have a comeback because of the fact people are not paying enough attention to it.”

David Heymann described The Queen as ‘very perceptive’ and added, “This should not detract attention from Ebola. Its a very terrible disease. But on the other hand what The Queen has done is call attention to other infectious diseases. She was concerned that efforts to address Ebola should not detract from work to combat other health threats in West Africa. She asked a very piercing and important question which means that she has analysed clearly the world situation of disease.”

The Queen has been Patron of the Royal Institute of International Affairs since 1952.

Featured Photo Credit: Northern Ireland Office/  M T Hurson/Harrisons 

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