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The Queen once again tops Christmas TV ratings

The Queen’s Christmas Day Broadcast has once again topped off the TV ratings as almost 8 million viewers tuned in to watch in just the UK alone.

The traditional speech was watched by a combined 7.7  million people on the BBC and ITV. The true figure is probably much higher, however, as it does not include the people watching on Sky.

The figures are slightly up on last year when 7.5 million UK viewers tuned in to hear Her Majesty speak.

In second place during the Christmas Day ratings was BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing, which drew in a huge festive audience of 7.2 million people. The episode saw head judge Len Goodman depart from the show after fourteen series.

The Great British Bake Off Christmas special finished in third place with 6.3 million viewers. This was the final time the BBC aired the baking show, before it moves to Channel 4.

In this year’s broadcast, the 90-year-old monarch spoke about inspiration, and those people in the community who inspire her.

She also congratulated Team GB for their success at the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics, saying ‘inspiration fed aspiration’.

You can watch the speech in full by clicking here

The 2016 Christmas message was produced by ITN and was broadcast on Christmas Day at 15:00 GMT on BBC One ITV1, Sky 1 and Sky News, as well as BBC Radio 4 and Classic FM.

Top 10 watched shows on Christmas Day:

  1. The Queen’s Speech (BBC & ITV) 7.7m
  2. Strictly Come Dancing (BBC) 7.3m
  3. Great British Bake Off (BBC) 6.3m
  4. Mrs Brown’s Boys (BBC) 6.1m
  5. Coronation Street (ITV) 6.1m
  6. Call the Midwife (BBC) 6.1m
  7. EastEnders (BBC) 5.9m
  8. Doctor Who (BBC) 5.7m
  9. Emmerdale (ITV) 4.7m
  10. Frozen (BBC) 4.7m
  • Jodi Goldsmith

    I wonder how Sky1’s “The Last Dragonslayer” did in the ratings. Obvioisly books are infinitely better, and just as much for adults as for kids. But super to see a wonderful cast, and Pauline Collins a pleasure to watch. Was hoping it did well in the ratings so they would continue the series.

  • Lady Martha

    Once again, the Lovely Lady expresses sincerity, gives witness to her faith and affirms the myriad ways all of us can make a positive difference. How very wonderful to hear such a radiant message amid the gloom that pervades much of our troubled world. The Queen remains beautiful even at her magnificent age, a wonder to myself and, I’m sure, to others. A glowing complexion, a refined ensemble and a sweet smile inspires me never to give up and become dowdy no matter the logical reasons for doing so. I salute the Queen, the British and Commonwealth of nations and the truth of service to others. God save the Queen–and God bless us, every one!

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