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Sadness for The Queen as her horse dies at Royal Ascot

The Queen’s horse, Guy Fawkes, had to be put down at Royal Ascot on Thursday after suffering a fatal injury.

Her Majesty’s three-year-old gelding broke it’s foot during the running of the King George V Stakes in the world’s most famous horse racing meeting.

The jockey, Pat Smullen took a heavy fall when the horse fell at the rear of the field, however he was uninjured.

Guy Fawkes’ trainer, William Haggas, said: “Unfortunately he suffered a compound fracture in a right foot and had to be put to sleep. He just took a false step. It’s very sad.”

Jockey Pat Smullen said: “The horse did it after a furlong. It’s one of those things that happen in racing occasionally.”

The Queen has a total of seven runners during the week long meeting, as she hopes to get her 23rd win at the racecourse.

Unfortunately, a similar incident occurred on this very day last year when her horse, Capel Path, suffered a career-ending injury in the Britannia Stakes.

Earlier in the day before the upsetting incident, the Queen presented the trophy to the winning connections of the Gold Cup which was held this year in tribute to Her Majesty for her 90th birthday.

Order of St George won the Gold Cup and connections received the trophy from The Queen..

The 10-11 favourite was destined to win beating Mizzou into second place and Sheikhzayedroad into third.

Jockey, Ryan Moore said: “I had to ride about four different races – it was a nightmare. He is a class horse and class horses win races.”

Royal Ascot will continue for another two days, with the final day of the meeting being Saturday.

The Queen has attended Ascot during every year of her reign, having many horses running in her name and colours.

  • JoelBernier

    Wish I could seen the X-rays before they put it down ……

    • Martha Clark

      Yes, Joel…we got sidetracked on a point of usage and forgot the blessed horse and the Queen’s heartache.

  • Susan Klee

    “gelding broke it’s foot” This should be /its foot/. “It’s” means /it is/.

    • Gayle73

      It’s is also possessive, so in this case it would be correct.

  • Susan Klee

    actually, the possessive of /it/ is its. Maddening, isn’t it? Although the apostrophe s (‘s) is possessive in the case of nouns (the boy’s hat, the book’s cover), with pronouns – – his, hers, its — there is no apostrophe. I’m an English teacher, and this one is very difficult to remember, I know.

  • Susan Klee

    Hi, Martha – – and the Spel Chek in many programs automatically inserts /it’s/ whenever it can. That means death for /its/, I’m afraid.
    How about “They invited David and I?” That’s my favorite now. I ask people: “Would you say “They invited I? You wouldn’t? Then why ‘David and I? ”
    But hold your hat. It’s going to be [gonna be] standard in a few years.

    • Martha Clark

      I don’t think anything would surprise me…sicken or sadden perhaps but not surprise. Sniff!

  • Rose Sabaka

    I hate racing…so many tragedies.

  • Debbie

    Barbaro broke down at the beginning of the Preakness Stakes…. He won the Kentucky Derby… prior to the Derby… Barbaro was indefeated.

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