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Queen filmed on camera calling Chinese officials “very rude”

The Queen has been filmed on camera saying that Chinese officials were “very rude”.

Her Majesty makes the reference in relation to last year’s Chinese state visit in which the Chinese President, Xi Jingping, visited the UK.

The footage was taken at a garden party on Tuesday at Buckingham Palace, where the 90-year-old was talking to a police officer about the treatment of the British Ambassador.

Buckingham Palace said in a statement: “We do not comment on the Queen’s private conversations.

“However, the Chinese State Visit was extremely successful and all parties worked closely to ensure it proceeded smoothly.”

The Queen was speaking to Metropolitan Police Commander Lucy D’Orsi, who oversaw security during President Xi’s state visit last year.

Commander D’Orsi had been “seriously, seriously undermined by the Chinese, but she managed to hold her own and remain in command”, an official told The Queen.

Commander D’Orsi told the Her Majesty: “I was the Gold Commander so I’m not sure whether you knew, but it was quite a testing time for…”

“I did,” the Queen replies.

Commander D’Orsi later went on to say: “It was at the point they walked out of Lancaster House and told me that the trip was off, that I felt…”

The Queen then said: “They were very rude to the ambassador.”

Commander D’Orsi replied: “It was very rude and undiplomatic”, something Her Majesty described as “extraordinary”.

The footage was caught on camera as garden parties are filmed by the a single cameraman who supplies footage to all major UK broadcasters.

The incident comes just a day after UK Prime Minister described Nigeria and Afghanistan as “fantastically corrupt” whilst in conversation with The Queen.

This footage was also captured by the royal cameraman and caused lots of controversy.

The timing of Mr Cameron’s comments is particularly embarrassing, as he will host world and business leaders at the corruption summit on Thursday where Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari will be present.

A Downing Street spokesperson later said that the Presidents of Nigeria and Afghanistan have both acknowledged the corruption challenge, and that the UK stands shoulder to shoulder with them.

  • vegastearoom

    When the Queen, who has not said an unpleasant word about anyone in sixty years, said that the Chinese were rude to the UK Ambassador, it leads me to believe that their behavior was beyond outrageous. I imagine that they buggered the poor Ambassador and wiped their hands on the draperies on the way out. Anus horribilis!

    • Sichao Yang

      i can assure you whatever ‘outrageous behavior’ that you ‘believe’ is not the true chinese diplomatic approach. Before you ‘imagine’, please research and think.

      • vegastearoom

        Sichao Yang, It is perceived that Westerners must always defer to other cultures as otherwise we risk being called culturally insensitive. When the Queen says something, I am apt to believe the Queen. I am also apt to believe that the Queen VASTLY understates the rudeness of others. This is why I imagined as I did. Bless your heart.

        • Sichao Yang

          You dont want to be perceived as ‘cultrally insensitive’. But, do you understand what is cultural difference? What is rude to the ‘very polite’ british might not as viewed as ‘rude’ in chinese culture. These officials might made one or two mistakes because of this unawareness of cultral difference. But they came to UK out of good will and represent their people and they know it. Again, please dont imagine and start thinking. Lastly, thank you for letting me know another useless hatred spreading phrase. Now, bless your heart, you idiot

          • vegastearoom

            It appears that you understand exactly how I feel about you. That makes me happy. Let me wish you goodbye in a language I am sure you understand: mooooooooo.

  • Tom Edwards


    The authors should amend this article to make it clear that the Queen was referring to specific individuals. It is implied in the text that Her Majesty was making broad generalizations about all Chinese “officials.” She was obviously NOT.


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