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Queen concerned over malaria resurgence

The Queen is expressing concern that the current Ebola outbreak is distracting the world’s attention away from malaria, a medical professor has claimed.

Professor David Heymann met Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh at an engagement at Chatham House in central London on Tuesday to launch a new leadership academy.

Professor Heymann, professor of infectious disease epidemiology, claimed that Her Majesty said “After Ebola we still have malaria.”

He added: “She was very interested in Ebola because she said her doctor had told her that there were more people dying from malaria every week than are dying from Ebola, and he was right.”

“She’s afraid that malaria will have a comeback because of the fact people are not paying enough attention to it.”

The professor said that he agreed with Her Majesty because children with fever will have trouble being seen due to hospitals being occupied with Ebola sufferers. He described her as “very perceptive”.

A source in the Royal Household said: “She was concerned that efforts to address Ebola should not detract from work to combat other health threats in West Africa.”

Photo credit: Chris M Manning via photopin cc

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