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Home footage shot by Her Majesty aired on ITV

The new ITV documentary, When Phillip Met Prince Philip: 60 Years of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, gave a not seen before glance at the life of the Royal Family.

One part that stood out, in particular, was Prince Philip playing cricket with Prince Charles. The footage from the 1960s was filmed by none other than The Queen showed the unusual version of the game; playing with cowpats. The same cowpats were later used by his children to throw at him as one would throw snowballs.

“What’s lovely here is that you get the impression of a really fun, warm loving father. So often, we’ve been told, he’s stern and very severe.” said host of the programme, Phillip Schofield.

“It’s great to see him as a fun, active young dad.”

More of Prince Philip’s humour came out when he poked fun at himself saying “you’re going to see the world’s most experienced plaque unveiler at work” during an official event. He may have been making a joke, but at 95-years-old he has been to over 200 events in 2016 alone.

Viewers also got an insight of what has made the nearly 70-year marriage last; laughter.

Sophie, the Countess of Wessex spoke to Schofield about her in-laws marriage.

“For her to have found somebody like him, I don’t think she could have chosen better.

“And they make each other laugh – which is, you know, it’s half the battle, isn’t it?

“He’s been a fantastic life partner for her.”

Sir John Wheeler-Bennett, official biographer for the Duke of Edinburgh also spoke of their relationship: “This was the man with whom Princess Elizabeth had been in love from their first meeting.”

The main focus of the documentary was the 60th anniversary of The Duke of Edinburgh Award, where youth can work towards different levels of awards through completing tasks like sports, volunteering, or outdoor skills.

“Children come into the world completely ignorant with no experience. At least this gives them some idea of what life is like.” said the Duke of the Award scheme.

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