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BREAKING: Princess Michael “very sorry” for wearing blackamoor brooch to Palace

Princess Michael of Kent is “very sorry and distressed” following accusations of racism after she was pictured wearing a blackamoor brooch to Buckingham Palace when meeting Meghan Markle for the first time.

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Her Royal Highness’s spokesperson said that the Princess is very sorry, and added that she has worn the brooch many times in the past without controversy.

It is understood that the brooch will now be ‘retired’ to avoid a repeat of the situation in future.

On Wednesday, The Queen hosted her family at Buckingham Palace for her annual pre-Christmas lunch before she and Prince Philip set off to Sandringham until mid-February.

However, tensions may have been raised after Princess Michael showed up wearing the offensive piece of jewellery.

The royal, who is married to The Queen’s cousin Prince Michael of Kent, had on display a blackamoor brooch which “fetishise slavery” according to Harpers Bazaar.

The consensus today is that blackamoor art is offensive and has many negative connotations. People have expressed their shock and concern on social media about Princess Michael wearing the brooch.


Blackamoor rose to popularity in the 18th century during the Early Modern Period. They are often African males depicting a servant. Full body depictions involve them in an unrealistic pose to hold for any length of time.

In both 2012 and 2013, fashion house Dolce & Gabanna caused an uproar as they used the art in two separate collections. First earrings and then on a fabric print.

Additional reporting by Jamie Samhan
  • Peter Bradshaw

    Let us see the brooch ….What because Harpers Bazaar says it is offensive we need to take their word for it rubbish.

    • The picture is right here in this article.

      • Peter Bradshaw

        You are kidding me right? The brooch with the tiger on it. If so how is that offensive or racist. The world is gone mad. Bunkers.

        • I don’t know what you’re looking at. That’s not a tiger. That’s a black man with a turban.

          • Peter Bradshaw

            Send me a pic.

          • For the second time, the pic is here in this article.

          • Peter Bradshaw

            Dwl a brooch with a Blackman is supposed to be offensive. You are kidding me right. The world is gone mad. Someone is out for this woman.

        • Celya723

          That’s a different photo of Princess Michael w a diff broach.

  • Just another dumpling

    Certain types have nothing better to do than find ways to be “offended”. If they put half as much effort into improving themselves, they’d probably be happy enough not to need to trawl through history to find things to get “offended” about.

    If I was a woman I’d wear one of these every day from now on.

    • Celya723

      Wear one anyway and fly your indie flag proudly!

  • Elizabeth Pease

    Very sorry and distressed? I wouldn’t think so.

  • Susan Hensley

    Ludicrous fuss over nothing!!

  • Annette Schreiber

    Ugly brooch, don’t know why anyone would wear anything like that. Princess Michael generally has good taste.

  • canuck

    Oh really? Did she tell you that? smh

    • Celya723

      Eh canuckian? Anyone who tells a table of african diners in a restaurant to go back to the colonies to eat their meals doesn’t care a fig about the publics opinion.

  • 7hyacinth7

    my xmas jumper has a big GOLLY WOG on it advertising robertsons mince pies

    • Jenny Wadsley-Brown

      Lovely; wear and enjoy. Love gollies, who have nothing to do with the colour of skin of my friends.

  • jean oneill

    Holy ****! What a dolt she is! Retire the brooch? How about throw it away? What a moron!

    • PennieP.

      Baloney. Now we have to tiptoe around because of Markel?
      Why doesn’t she date and marry a nice African Fellow if this is so offense to her
      That broach was a piece of Art. So, we pitch anything that is not to her liking?
      I highly doubt she even knows about the History of the piece.
      She doesn’t like it.. She can brunch with her family members. The two that still speak to her

  • David Lane

    Western societies are suffering from terminal touchiness.

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