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BREAKING NEWS: Zara Tindall is pregnant with her second child

It has been announced that the Queen’s granddaughter, Zara Tindall, is pregnant with her second child.

Mrs Tindall, who is married to former England rugby player Mike Tindall, will give birth to her second child in the Spring of 2017.

Both Mr and Mrs Tindall are said to be “thrilled” by the news.

The couple’s first child, Mia, was born in January 2014 and is now nearly three years old.

The new baby will be The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s sixth great-grandchild, and will be Princess Anne’s fourth grandchild.

When born, the baby will become 18th-in-line to the throne.

Zara, who married Mike in July 2011 at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland, admitted Mia came earlier than they initially planned.

“It probably happened quicker than we thought – bit of a shock, really.”

There has been no reaction from members of The Royal Family of this news.

This is a breaking news story. Keep refreshing this page for the latest developments.

  • RoyalAustralia

    Wonderful news! Congratulations and I hope the pregnancy goes well.

  • Mr. Christian

    Congratulations to the parents; and, to the Princess Royal and both the Queen and to Prince Phillip. I hope the mother gets the best medical treatment.

  • Gianmarco Sabato

    How lovely another great grandchild to join Mia, Savannah and Isla for Queen Liz

    • Lynn Taylor

      Another young generation is cropping up………….Just need Harry to join in now……

  • Lynn Taylor

    Congratulations to them.
    I wish he would do something about his nose, he is a handsome chap and it is a shame that he has to look like that when a simple Op would do the trick……Go for it Mike !!!!

    • Jija Bulaste

      It gives his face character. Men aren’t supposed to be “pretty.”

      • Lynn Taylor

        Most men nowadays like to look pretty, so shut up…….If he had a nose job, it would make him more handsome……I’m surprised no one has told him…….Spend some cash on yourself Mike, you deserve it…….

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