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Prince Harry’s rumoured girlfriend should not expect privacy

Royal Central’s Senior Reporter, Kelli Finger recently expressed her opinion that the media should leave Prince Harry’s private life alone. Although I agree with some of the points she makes, I am going to pay devil’s advocate here.

Prince William and then, Kate Middleton had it good. They were studying at St Andrews during their blossoming relationship and with William being under protection from the media while he was at school, they could allow their bond to grow without the world watching. Once the graduated there was still many years until Kate married into the family and time for her to adjust to the life that William only knew. Whoever Prince Harry is to marry, she will too have to adjust to becoming a worldwide sensation.

Harry’s newest rumoured girlfriend may be a television star but The Express noted how Meghan Markle was a household name in North America after joining the cast of “Suits”, but most people I have talked to had never heard of her. Either way, even if she was a household name over here, nothing even comes close to the fame she has now as a potential love of Prince Harry, nevermind what would come if she married the 5th-in-line to the throne.

Meghan needs to experience now what will come if she marries Harry, the good and the bad. Being part of the Royal Family can bring some wonderful advantages and for humanitarian Meghan, it is a greater platform for her work. Yet, there is the bad side. The gossip has already started and it hasn’t even been a week since the story broke about them dating. There will be a lifetime of this and nothing compared to the gossip that surrounds a telly star. Sure they need private time and spying on them is wrong, but they are both public figures and interest surrounds their life.

Anyone who goes into the world of acting or modeling knows well what stardom brings. From day one you are to create a brand, an image that people can relate to, Meghan has already done this. Now that is has been leaked that she and Harry are an item, even more eyes are on her. If she wanted to have her relationship with him quiet she would stay quiet, not send out cryptic Instagram pictures of bananas spooning that she knows will only getting the media talking.  As well, if Harry really wanted complete privacy he would talk to her about this. Kate understood this aspect, it was not until her engagement to William that we heard her talk for the first time. Her ability to stay mum was part of what made her such a great fit for the Royal Family.

Lastly, Meghan or whoever Harry may wed, will be a role model for young girls and boys across the globe. I can’t say if Meghan will be a good role model (I don’t know enough about her yet) but we will get to know her in time and unless one of you has her phone number it will be through what the media tells us. Not the tabloids, the fact-based papers. We have all made mistakes in our past and can be forgiven for them but too many mistakes is a sign of something bigger. Although so far I have to say I am in her camp, university degree, lifestyle blogger, actress, humanitarian, she almost seems too good to be true.

You can’t be some of the most famous people in the world and have complete privacy either. Somethings just don’t go together.

Do you agree? Should Prince Harry and Meghan Markle expect privacy? Let us know in the comments: 

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